Summer is finally here! But more playtime outside also means more exposure to fleas and disease-carrying insects.

raffle gift basketsEach year, many pets are diagnosed with diseases carried by insects and parasites. The cost of treatment can be expensive, and some diseases can lead to serious illnesses. Many of these parasites can even be transmitted to you and your family if your pet becomes infected. 

Prevention is the best approach in protecting your pet and family. This summer, if you purchase 6 doses of Frontline flea/tick prevention for cats, or Nexgard flea/tick prevention for dogs, and/or Heartgard heartworm protection, you will be entered to win one of our summer gift baskets!

Our "Family Fun" basket is filled with movie tickets, snacks and games. The "Hiking Kit" includes a FitBit, dog gear, a backpack and a hiking book. There's also a Yeti cooler!

Get your pet protected today. Feel free to call us at (518) 731-2551 if you have any questions.

Learn more about parasite prevention here.